General Introduction of the high frequency pipe making machine
Φ125 high-frequency welded pipe production line is designed to produce welded pipes of 50~130mm in diameter and 1.5~6.0mm in wall thickness as well as square and rectangular pipes and formed sections of the corresponding size.
Main Technical Specifications of the high frequency pipe making machine
Main Specifications:
Pipe Diameter: Φ50~Φ130 mm
Wall Thickness: 1.5 ~ 6.0mm
Pipe Length: 4 ~ 10m
To-length Accuracy: ±3 mm
Raw Material Conditions:
low carbon steel
Mechanical Characteristics:
σb≤500Mpa σs≤300Mpa
Width of Strip: 150 ~ 410mm
Thickness of strip: 2.0 ~ 6.0mm
Inner Diameter of Coil: 508mm
Outer Diameter of Coil: ≤1600mm
Weight of Coil: ≤5t
Forming Speed: Max 50m/min
Technological Process of the high frequency pipe making machine
Uncoiling → Shearing → handed welding→ Storing in accumulator →leveling →Forming → Welding → Bead Scraper→Cooling → Sizing→straighten → Flying saw cutting → Pipe collecting
Main Equipment and Main Data of the high frequency pipe making machine
Firmer Diameter of Coil ,mmΦ508mm
Outer Diameter of Coil ,mmMaxΦ 1600mm
Width of strip ,mm150~410mm
Weight of Coil , max ,ton5T
Drum ExpansionHydraumatic/sliders
Braking systemPneumatic
Hydraulic Shearing
Shearing Width ,mmMax 500mm
Thickness of Strip ,mm1.5~6.0mm
Shearing of StripHydraulic
Adjust of Up and DownManual
welding table
Horizontal spiral accumulator
Feeding Speed ,max ,m/min150M/min
Accumulator Dia.5.5m
Thickness of Strip1.5~6.0mm
Width of strip120~420mm
Motor, kWAC18+22
Forming and Sizing Mill
MaterialLow carbon steel & low alloy steel
Diameter of Pipe ,mmΦ50~Φ130mm
Thickness of Strip ,mm1.5~6.0mm
Width of Strip ,mm150~410mm
Main Motor Power ,KwDC200KW×2sets,
H.F.Power, kW400KW
Forming ModeRoll forming
StandPortal style
Forming Speed, m/minMax50
Entry Guide1 set
No. Of forming standshorizontal 7 φ110mm, 40Cr
vertical 8 φ65mm, 40Cr
No. Of sizing standshorizontal 6 φ110mm, 40Cr
Vertical 6 φ65mm, 40Cr
Seam Guide Roll Stand1set
Squeeze Roll Stand3Roll
Bead Scraper1 set
Cooling Zoneself-contained
Turks Head4-roll style*2sets
Roll Shaft Material40Cr
Flying Saw
General Flying Saw
Outer Diameter of Pipe, max, mmΦ130mm
Wall Thickness, max, mm6.0mm
Cut-to-length, m4~10m
Cutting Motor Power, kWAC 55kW
Traveling Motor Power, kWDC 22kW
Cutting Accuracy, mm±3mm
Some of the assistant equipment(self-contained):
5.1Air Compressor (6m3)1 set
5.2Air Container (0.6m3)1 set
5.3Water Pump (2” -1/2”)2 set
5.4Saw Bride Grinder1 set
Q: Are you manufacturer or trading company?
A: We are manufacture and trading company.
Q: Do you provide installing and debugging overseas?
A: Overseas machine install and worker training services are optional.automatic Pipe Making Machine